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Sri Harmandir Saheb - Amritsar
Welcome to GNS Gurdwara

Sat Sri Akaal
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa -Waheguru Ji Ki Fatah

Welcome to GURU NANAK SAR - Gurdwara, Portsmouth


What is Gurdwara?

Though a Gurdwara may be called the residence of the Guru (meaning the residence of God), but in Sikhism the believe is that God is omnipresent.

The first Gurdwara in the world was built by Guru Nanak in 1521-2 at Kartarpur (Pakistan). Currently in UK there are about 200 Gurdwaras.

  • It’s a place for religious ceremonies
  • It’s a place to learn spiritual wisdom
  • It’s a place where children and youngsters learn about Sikh faith, ethics, customs and traditions.
  • A Gurdwara is also place for meeting up of the community and offers food and shelter to those in need.

Guru Nanak Sar Gurdwara – Portsmouth

In 1996, with some extra ordinary effort from S. Kirpal Singh Digpal – Shingar Singh Taak , Gurbux Singh Bhakar and of course other members of the committee we secured the sale  of 3 Margate Road Southsea (site of current Gurdwara) The extraordinary effort of the aforementioned sevadars was the manner in which they secured the voluntary contributions from the 50 strong memberships.

The Gurdwara sahib has moved forward and today we enjoy the company of Sadh Sangat from a radius of 75 Miles, Isle of Wight.

Some of First Generation Sikhs in the U.K.

From Left to Right: S. Sardar Singh Sathi, S. Darshan Singh Gola, S. Ghoulu Singh Roudh, S. Mangal Singh Roudh Khanda, Name: Unknown, Name:Unknown. We hope to upload more of these pictures of our forefathers. If you can name the above or have further information, then please send us a message or comment.

The Gurdwara is open to all. When entering the Gurdwara:

  • Take your shoes off.
  • Covers your head.
  • Everyone sits on the floor in a prayer room.
  • Alcohol and tobacco are strictly prohibited.


People after attending the Prayers, also give offerings in form of food or money in front of the Guru Granth Sahib. This helps to run the Gurdwara and the free food kitchen (Langar). The offering is not charity but a sharing of God’s gifts. If a person has no money or food to offer they may offer flowers, or just some words of sincere thanks.

After bowing to the Guru Granth Sahib people will greet the congregation in a quiet voice with the words:

Waheguru ii ka Khalsa, Sri Waheguru ji ki fateh.

This means The Khalsa owes allegiance to God, sovereignty belongs to God alone.

Our Mission

The main mission of Guru Nanak Sar Gurdwara, Portsmouth, is to spread slefless love, peace, serving humanity, which is un-conditional.

We spread the Sikh religion and heritage and traditions by propogating the teachings of our great 10 Gurus and also the the teaching as mentioned in the Sri Guru Granth Saheb ji – THE ELEVENTH GURU .

This is to be achieved by preaching, promoting and practicing the Sikh religious observance in our day today lives.

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Avtar Dihaara of Baba Budha Sahib Ji

Sunday – 24th Oct 2021

Sat Kar Yogh Portsmouth do Uchi Athea Samuchj Guru Ji Dee Pyare Sadh Sangat
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

We hope this message reaches everyone in Good health and high Spirits.

  • As you are now probably very aware Guru Nanak Sat Gurdwara Portsmouth is now fully operative following the COVID 19 Situation.
  • Guru Ka langar has now been served for the past month and longer and We as the Parbhandhak Committee are very proud to report the success and humbly wish to thank Sardar Jusvinder Singh Digpal Jathedar Sahib’s gallant effort along with all the sewadars who have prepared Guru Ka Langar in the past weeks.
  • Sadh Sangat we humbly request for an Effort from all Sadh Sangat to patronise the Sunday Diwan and take Blessing ASHIRVAAD from Dhan Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.
  • Gurdwara Sahibs across the Country are reportedly enjoying tremendous support and patronisation from the congregation
  • PLEASE Make an extraordinary effort and attend Gurdwara Sahib
  • Additionally 23 October is the Avtar Dihaara of Baba Budha Sahib Ji
    G N S G Portsmouth will be celebrating this day on Sunday 24 October 2021 whilst remembering All Vaad Vaderea of all families Of Portsmouth. This will be a new,one off and unique occasion and needs to be patronised by everyone.
    This is a chance for us all to celebrate our ancestors lives.
  • Please feel free to forward any ideas you feel would help this Mahan Day.
  • Finally we look forward to seeing everyone next Sunday and every Sunday going forward.

Thank You
Sangat sea Dass
GNSG Portsmouth Parbhandhak Committee Sahiban.

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Guru Nanak Sar Gurdwara - Portsmouth