Gur Nanak Sar Gurdwara (Guru Ghar) was founded in 1963.


There were originally 9 members with whose effort the foundation of Guru Ghar was laid. These members were namely:

    1. Kirpal Singh Digpal
    2. Balwant Singh Swali
    3. Dewan Singh Digpal
    4. Gurbux Singh Bhakar
    5. Harbans Singh Swali
    6. Gurbux Singh Swali
    7. Muncha Singh Rathor
    8. Shingar Singh Taak
    9. Pritam Singh Swali


Historical Gurdwara

These 9 gentlemen all devout Sikhs recognised a need for a community type centre which would give our Sikh families a place to worship and gather socially.  Having arrived from India with their families a  need to build a camaraderie amongst the people  (SANGAT). Something which existed very fondly in the village life they had left behind.

An opportunity arose and a building 138 Sultan Road Buckland Portsmouth became available. Families rallied around, raised enough funds to secure the property and with the appropriate local government planning transformed this terraced 3 Bed roomed House into the Guru Nanak Sar Gurdwara.   Sultan Road became part of the major redevelopment of Portsmouth and following a compulsory Purchase to Portsmouth City Council, the search started for a new Building.

Evolution of the current Guru Nanak Sar Gurdwara

Kirpal Singh Digpal one of the senior Members of the now increasing membership of the Gurdwara Sahib was well acquainted with local Property agents and surprisingly got a call from a local property company offering us a now redundant ex Mormon Society Church building.  With the help of the local council the sale of this building was secured and the Gurdwara sahib was moved to 5 Margate Road Southsea PO5 1EY. As the Membership grew, (Youngsters are made subscribing members at the end of their normal Scholastic career. Whilst with the grace of Waheguru the development of Guru Nanak Sar Gurdwara was thriving, evolution of the membership was also developing, however unfortunately some members passed on and with teir blessing the Guru Ghar went from strength to strength. We must mention the help we received from local businesses and Portsmouth City Council in the development of the building and activities at the Gurdwara Sahib Ji.

Expansion of Guru Nanak Sar Gurdwara

In 1996, with some extra ordinary effort from S. Kirpal Singh Digpal – Shingar Singh Taak , Gurbux Singh Bhakar and of course other members of the committee we secured the sale  of 3 Margate Road Southsea. The extraordinary effort of the aforementioned sevadars was the manner in which they secured the voluntary contributions from the 50 strong memberships.

The Gurdwara sahib has moved forward and today we enjoy the company of Sadh Sangat from a radius of 75 Miles, Isle of Wight.

Guru Nanak Sar Gurdwara - Portsmouth

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

It gives us great pleasure to announce the reopening of GURU NANAK SAR GURDWARA PORTSMOUTH This coming Sunday 08 October 2023.
All Guru jis Shardallu are humbly requested to attend.
A full programme with Recitation of Siri Sukhmani Sahib will commence at 10.30 am. A full Kirtan programme will be hosted (Raghbir Singh Rahi)
Guru ka Langar will be served..